Top 10 Bots


Weatherman Bot will tell you the weather in your city. Supports several languages, gives weather for today, tomorrow and 5 days. You can set weather notifications too | @weatherman_bot

Store Bot helps you discover the best bots available on Telegram, rate and review them | @storeBot

Many Bot lets you create your own bots, send messages to your subscribers, create custom commands, create custom menus and submenus, autopost from RSS, Twitter, VK and YouTube | @manyBot

Pronunciation Bot allows you to convert text into speech in 84 languages. You can also use this bot in groups, simply open this bot’s profile and press “Add to group” | @pronunciationbot

OpenStreetMap Bot finds any location in the world from the Nominatim OSM database
-The bot can send links and maps (jpeg, png or pdf) from OSM
-Data for all the world (cities and towns, shops -with phone number, email…-, Wikipedia links, etc)
-OSMbot is multilingual and speaks in english | @osmBot

SaveVideo Bot allows you to download your favorite video from YouTube and more other video sharing websites | @savevideoBot

Translator Bot translates your messages to any language you choose, and magically translates in multi language groups. Talk to new people from all over the world! | @ytranslatebot

Geeks Channel
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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

Engineer, developer, open source enthusiast, passionate for technology. Consultant and researcher in robotics and automation.

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