100 MAU & 15 Billion Daily Messages

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Telegram already published some awesome numbers! 100 Million Monthly Active Users & 15 Billion Telegrams Delivered Daily.

100M MAU

Two and a half years ago Telegram was launched and it seemed to be impossible to reach this amount of people in such a few years. Now Telegram is handling 100 Million Monthly Active Users! Wow!

15 Billion Telegrams

Furthermore, we have been informed about how many Telegrams are roughly sent daily as well. 15 Billion Telegrams Delivered Daily. So congrats for such a good work, Telegram team!

Durov’s Podcast at Wired

Telegram founder, Pavel Durov, has already done an interview for Wired.co.uk

Podcast Summary

  • Telegram Team moves to another city every 4 months. Pavel like to go some countries as France or Finland. They use to work in London and they love it.
  • They aim to have a sustainable business modell based on cover expenses, not make lot of money out of it.
  • Telegram won’t be absorbed by a competitor.
  • Talking about the future, Durov suggested that Telegram could make money with transactions like Paypal. Getting some % of every transaction with the payment API.

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  1. Avatar John says:

    Hey guys, Durov also says that Telegram spends 1M$ per month. Maybe you could add it!

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