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Daniel LaRusso

Engineer, developer, open source enthusiast, passionate for technology. Consultant and researcher in robotics and automation.

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar Tom says:

    Telegram vs WhatsApp, missing terms: username , @ and search

  2. Avatar sirati97 says:

    Correction: Whatsapp allows groups up to one 100ppl

  3. Avatar Christian says:

    Could you update this chart? 🙂 This is the easiest way to convince my matesby showing this chart. For example you can expand groups to 1000 Members etc..

  4. Avatar Farhad says:

    Thank you for your good apps

  5. Avatar sirati97 says:

    update: Whatsapp allows now groups up to 256 ppl and telegram up to 5000ppl in supergroups

  6. Avatar . says:

    Hmm, Telegram’s origin is Germany? o.O
    I always thought it’s the UK

  7. Avatar Dame says:

    Hmmm. No UK servers exist. There are servers in NL, US, etc.

  8. Avatar aaaaa says:

    Here is a group for friends who like , to chat English

    Group link:

    Thank you
    Please do not delete link, was this one time only

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