Telegram users growth compared to other IM services


Telegram Extraordinary Growth in users

Below is a comparison between Telegram and other messaging services. More below also have a graph with the evolution of Telegram alone. We like to show the first graphic as there are people who say that telegram “only” has 100 million users… If we compare this evolution we will see that is very similar to WhatsApp in their first 2 years of life.

It should also be borne in mind that the market is now infinitely more competitive in this area, therefore, the numbers projected Telegram gain even more value from our point of view. Keep in mind that currently enter the market of mobile messaging is very complex due to the nature of the service, people want comfort and not have to jump from one App to another. In conclusion, despite the difficulties Telegram is penetrating very successfully in the market and we are very happy about it!

MAU (Monthly Active Users) of IM services

Service Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Telegram 60M 100M
Facebook 10M 15M 50M 145M
Whatsapp 25M 75M 200M 419M
Gmail 30M 60M 95M 123M

Telegram MAU


Telegram Users

March 2014 December 2014 May 2015 February 2016
Telegram 35M 50M 62M 100M

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  2. Is there an official source where one can get up to date stats on Telegram’s Monthly active users? Perhaps a queryable API endpoint?

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