Whatsapp banned Telegram links

Whatsapp banned Telegram links

Whatsapp got updated with a new awesome feature:

Now u can’t copy, click or forward Telegram’s URL because they are banned:

Whatsapp banned Telegram links


Well, we don’t want to be haters so we tried another .me or .org links just to test if that was a general failure:

Whatsapp banned Telegram links

But as you can see, other links are working properly. So it’s not a general failure, it’s a Whatsapp feature.

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Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

Journalist specialized in technology and open source, entrepreneur, freelance writer and editor.

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar Enzo says:

    This has repercussions, every attitude of Whatsapp can be fatal …

  2. Avatar Grayson says:

    Their code isn’t even obfuscated.

    The LinkifyWeb class (inside the com.whatsapp.util package) has a method boolean isBadHost(String), which checks the param against an array of regular expressions. That array, called BAD_HOSTS, contains only one regular expression: “(\\W|\\b)telegram(\\.\\w+){1,2}\\z”. That’s about as clear cut as they come.

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