Telegram reaches 10 Billion messages delivered daily


Telegram is handling 10 Billion messages per day, this is a very huge number because on December 2014 only 1 Billion telegrams where sent every day. The cause of this is the big growth of telegram’s users in 2015, tenfold the amount of the previous year.

The last report we know from WhatsApp is that delivers 30 Billion messages per day (January 2015).
Therefore, Telegram is on a good path in their struggle to claim to be the most used messaging application, in fact it is not crazy to think about this if we consider the technological and social revolution that is assuming Telegram in those sectors that are discovering all the advantages Durov’s application brings.

A free application, open source, also guaranteeing complete privacy and security in our daily conversations, promoting voluntary social participation networks to help other users in a totally altruistic way… it is simply awesome.

Durov brothers’ App has come to show the world that there is a different way to manage communications efficiently and offering users a complete service that is constantly updated due to its open source philosophy.

Telegram Geeks’ Team want to congratulate the whole Telegram family for the excellent work we do think they are doing.

In conclusion, these are very good numbers but it is necessary to keep on working every day and bringing new ideas to consolidate worldwide. And remember, as they say:

Keep rocking and stay tuned for more updates coming your way”



Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

Journalist specialized in technology and open source, entrepreneur, freelance writer and editor.

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