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botan io analytics stats telegram bots

Telegram bots doesn’t have a good, simple and accessible analytics. So that’s why is the perfect analytics tool for your telegram Bot. Botan is a telegram bot analytics system based on Yandex Appmetrica (a proven product analyzing with more than 800 million of events per day), it’s completely free, in fact botan is a wrapper around AppMetric, the mobile version of Metrics for applications.


  • Stats: See how your bot is doing.
  • Events: Learn the most popular features of your bot.
  • Segmentation: Segment audience by events logged within your bot.
  • Totally free.
  • Botan’s SDK available for Python, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Go and Rust.

You can get complete usage reports for:

  • Users.
  • New users.
  • Events.
  • Sessions.
You can see the data daily, weekly or monthly.

Bot Stats

There are two ways to get the complete usage stats:

  1. Using the Telegram bot @Botaniobot, the bot will send you images with the stats.
    botan io analytics stats telegram bots
  2. Using Yandex website: register for free, select the Web option at Botaniobot and follow the link.
    botan io analytics stats telegram bots

Setting up your botan account

  1. Go to @Botaniobot.
  2. Use Add bot command to get a token for that bot.botan io analytics stats telegram bots
  3. Download lib for your language.
  4. Code the tracking library call in every command of your bot.

We tested it on a nodeJS bot, and we wanted to track the start, this is the code:

botan io analytics stats telegram bots

You can see at GitHub the instruccions to install it on the rest of languages.

You can contact botan team at or directly to their support bot: @botansupportbot

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