Telegram Hack: How-to upgrade groups to supergroups

telegram supergroups upgrade


This hack is no longer useful because with Telegram 3.7 we could convert a group to supergroup directly, it’s a feature.

With this hack you will be able to upgrade your normal group to a supergroup, the only requisite is to be the group owner and use the desktop client. This won’t work on the groups you are admin.

Important: If you upgrade a group you won’t be able to revert this updgrade.


1. Install Telegram Desktop Client on your computer:

2. Create a normal group and:

  • Set the name.
  • Add 4 members (you can add bots).
  • Photo is optional.

Now go to the info tab:

telegram group settings upgrade

3. Type:


Clarification: Just type the word tosupergroup wherever, so none space 🙂

4. You will see the “upgrade to supergroup” button:

telegram tosupergroup upgrade

Press “Upgrade to supergroup”

super group telegram upgrade

5. Confirm it and it’s done!
Now you got your supergroup, remove the bots and enjoy it.

supergroup telegram upgrade

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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

Engineer, developer, open source enthusiast, passionate for technology. Consultant and researcher in robotics and automation.

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52 Responses

  1. Avatar cupcake says:


  2. Avatar Freakooo90 says:

    Huh.. doesn’t work for me.. not much you can do wrong

  3. Avatar Enzo says:

    Nice! Thanks! <3

  4. Avatar Ajay says:

    it worked for me! Thanks
    Was looking for this and finally got it. thanks again for sharing

  5. Avatar Hamid says:

    It’s a great trick
    Thank you so much Daniel

  6. Avatar alqudaihdream says:

    work very well , thanks

  7. Avatar Rodrigo says:

    It works! <3

  8. Avatar Ennio says:

    “Type: tosupergroup”… where??
    In the message line?
    If was so, in a Mac OS X Telegram Desktop don’t works

  9. Avatar Ryten says:

    where i type “tosupergroup”?

  10. Avatar kamal says:

    While it seem to work, “new member can see entire message history” doesn’t seem to be true. Just joined new group converted to supergroup using this hack and still can’t seen any previous messages.

    • Avatar akin4tor says:

      That’s weird, it worked to me. When I enter to the supergroup I can see the previous messages (from the very first moment it was upgraded, not previously)

    • Hi kamal,

      The “new member can see entire message history” is only valid for the supergroups, the messages sent when it was a normal group won’t work!

  11. Avatar Masoud says:

    Telegram is very good , when it has come tlegram pepole has forgoten virtual softeware but more lmportant problem has telegram is that can’t call with its….thats all

  12. Avatar Shrijit says:

    I run a group of about 125 people and just upgraded to SuperGroup using this hack. However, iOS users are complaining about not getting the count of unread messages. Is there a hack to go back to normal group ?

  13. Avatar kamal says:

    I guess this hack not working anymore. Anybody can confirm ? Manage to convert view groups though 😉


    Hey, is Telegram down? Because I can’t send and receive messages in one account.

  15. Avatar Simone says:

    I’ve problem with OSX, because when I type “O” telegram close my window and I can’t finish to write “tosupergroup”, How I can resolve?

  16. Avatar milad says:

    hi. do you know a way to come back normal group???
    If you know tell me please . please . please

  17. Avatar Georgui says:

    WARNING! Supergroups are not compatible with the bot from another tutorial from this site. Bot simply does not see what is going on in supergroups

    • Avatar Avantgarde says:

      as far as I remember from another group I know, you have to reinvite the bot; or check the new group id; since converting to supergroup changes the group id

  18. Avatar milad says:

    hi. do you know a way to come back normal group???
    If you know tell me please . please . please

  19. Avatar abnagh says:

    Please help me.I have a channel and i want to add a new full control admin as creator administrator(myself).

  20. Avatar Steve.c says:

    new version has been came out, how can i still upgrade the group to be a supergroup

  21. Avatar anna says:

    thank you for your great post , but I have a channel and I want to add member more than 200 ,would you mind telling me how to do that ?

  22. Avatar Dona says:

    Is there any way to clear entire history of a group for all members?

    • Avatar Dona says:

      Or how I can remove somebody from a group in a way that he can’t see the archive of group on telegram desktop?

  23. Avatar Li says:

    Seem like it doesn’t work anymore

  24. Avatar Michele says:

    Hi, it doesn’t work anymore! Could you please fix it?

  25. Avatar saeid says:

    hi dear
    I have a supergroup with 420 member, but I can not added a admin to it and show me a error ; and it seen telegram!
    pls help me

  26. Avatar humph says:

    Ok… there is a new group for chatting &….
    Everybody that likes to have more friends…Can in….

  27. Avatar Mahdi says:

    how to remove delete account in super group ?
    plz help me :))

  28. Avatar Birgit says:

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  29. Avatar m.gharavi says:

    Thanks Daniel,I am wondering whether you can dissolve my problem ? recently we changed to supergroup, but after that I am not able to delete unwanted messages, many thanks of your kind help to clear problem.

  30. Avatar alieza zojaji moghadam says:

    How to Back Super Group telegram to normal

  31. Avatar r.a says:

    i cant join any group or channel in telegram? how should i do?

  32. Avatar AA says:

    On my mac with telegram desktop, it doesn’t work when I type “to supergroup” in the info of the group. Is there a minimum for the number of members?

  33. Avatar adil says:

    I am hacker you

  34. Avatar unwana says:

    Please how does one create rooms in a supergroup?

  35. Avatar Ghost says:

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  36. Avatar Elham says:

    can you please help me to add members to a channel? I just can add 200 members. Ia there anyway to surpass this limitation?

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