Telegram launches supergroups


Telegram has released a new update. In this version the main point is focused on Telegram groups.

Due to many users demanded to accommodate more people on their groups (200 people),  Pavel Durov’s team has come true the desires of many users. Now, groups grow up till 1000 users maximum. This increase is quite amazing, admins will be able to add 500% more people than before to their groups.


Furthermore, groups can now have multiple administrators with the ability to edit name and the logo and add & remove members. They also have a short description (like channels).

Please note that you need the latest version of Telegram to access a supergroup. You may want to wait a little bit before upgrading your groups so that the update rolls out to all Telegram users, and they can see their groups.

iOS: New In-App Notifications

iOS users will enjoy our new in-app notifications. Pull down on a notification to expand it, view the full text of the message or preview attached media.


Android: Quick Share for Channels

Android users can enjoy the new quick sharing menu in channels. Just tap on the forwarding buttons right next to channel messages.

This is the full patch notes:

  •  Groups that have reached their capacity of 200 users are now automatically upgraded to supergroups. In supergroups:
    • The members limit is 1000 users.
    • Administrators can deleted messages will disappear for all members.
    • Ordinary members can only delete their own messages.
    • Supergroups have description (like channels).
    • Notifications are muted by default.
    • Only administrators can edit name and logo.
    • Blacklist for annoying users.
  • New In-App notifications for iOS.
  • Quick share for channels in Android.
  • Support for embedded XML in group chats. (Only webogram)
  • Improved markdown support. (Only webogram)
  • Minor bugfixes.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Sergio Paolo says:

    I have some troubles with supergroups notifications.
    After a group was upgraded to a supergroup I started to get normal notifications on my iPhone home screen, while in Telegram settings notifications for groups are turned off. Why is it so?
    Also, there are troubles with the icon badge. When messages come into the supergroup the icon badge counts only 1, even if the messages in the supergroup are more than 1. This was not the case of the group, where if in a group there are 10 unread messages the icon badge counts 10. When I enter Telegram, but I don’t open the supergroup, the icon badge count goes away…
    Of course my Telegram is up to date.
    Can someone help?

  2. Hi Sergio,

    we are sorry but use Android, we can’t help you 🙁

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