Did you know you can update the link preview on Telegram?

Telegram got a bot to update the link preview of your site, if you want to change it just go to:

➡️ @webpagebot

and send the link (up to 10) you want to update. Automatically will scan your site and generate the new image thumbnail, site name and description.

telegram geeks webpagebot

Now our preview (broken since we launched the site) looks awesome! Thanks Telegram!

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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

Engineer, developer, open source enthusiast, passionate for technology. Consultant and researcher in robotics and automation.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Clarke says:

    Wow how you always get such cool infos? Do you work for Telegram? I even ask their support chat regulary and they don’t give me any hints 🙁

  2. Avatar Amanda says:

    How do you make Telegram -stop- including thumbnails? I just want to send a link, not the entire website (seriously, some of the thumbnails for a site link are a paragraph long, it’s frustrating).

    • Avatar Amanda says:

      Ha, just found it. I’d prefer it be toggle-able as a permanent choice, but this’ll do for now.

  3. Avatar arshiya says:

    but… programer how to do this?!
    my bot need to update link preview…

  4. Avatar Haneef says:

    I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work when I update YouTube thumbnails.

    And it is not due to a fault on the YouTube’s side as facebook OpenGraph debugger catches it.

  5. Avatar hossein says:

    I’ve tried it too, it doesn’t work for YouTube thumbnails.

  6. Avatar Rafael says:

    Hi! the same for me. I tried webpagebot, for local PC icon had changed, but for all other users it remained as it was

  7. Avatar mm says:

    It doesn’t work for most of times.
    I have two question:
    1- How can I update a range of links? ie: http://www.something.com/post/*
    2- How can I have preview with large picture like https://www.fromthegrapevine.com/nature/drone-hobbit-home-mediterranean

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