Pavel Durov Keynote at MWC 2016

Telegram’s creator, Pavel Durov, attended to MWC 2016 at Barcelona which was held on February 23rd.

This is the keynote summary:

  • Due to secret chats, cloud and privacy features, Telegram grew exponentially.
  • Users also communicate with bussiness like they did with email.
  • Telegram managed to get all those new features without adding complexity. Short develop cycles to launch features every month.
  • Telegram reached 100M MAU.
  • 350k daily new users.
  • 15 Billion daily messages.
  • 100% non organic and 0$ marketing budget.
  • People recommended to friends and colleagues. Telegram is on more than 200 countries.
  • Bots was used to broadcast news to mass audience of readers and channels is a tool to publicly broadcast messages.
    So channels allowed to create a direct way of communication with customers.
  • bbcpersian has more than 300.000 subscribers.
  • Forbes launched a forbesbot that allow users to subscribe to different categories of news. It took just 3 days to develop the bot.

About Apple and FBI, Pavel Durov said:

There’s always a risk that your iPhone can be stolen, and the people who stole it can use the data, your private photos, etc to blackmail you. Forcing Apple to build tools to defeat its own security methods would set a dangerous precedent.”

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Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

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