Telegram “only” shows us the last million messages of our own

We have been informed about thanks to a Telegram user. In the next conversation you could see how Telegram “only” shows us the last million messages of our own. All messages that are old and not part of our last million are archived on their servers and not shown us.

The user asks to the support for very old messages from a normal group because he could not see them, then support answers:


message from Telegram Support

Is it possible that your account has reached more than 1 million messages?

On the server, there is a limit of files that the client can display. Currently the limit is around one million messages. Exceeded the number of messages, the client can only display the most recent, and the oldest are archived on the server (not removed). That is why it is possible that old messages are gone. If you delete some recent, you’ll recall, it is the only way to re-read again.

The million messages is for each account. Channels and super groups have their million separately, but normal groups are treated as individual chats. Messages you try to look for are treated as normal group, since the group was not at that time supergroup.”

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Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar User says:

    are those messages accessible via other clients like desktop or web?
    It sounds like a limitation/bug not a feature.

  2. Avatar User 2 says:

    How can I retrieve my old messages?

  3. Avatar user 3 says:

    Is it possible for a user to have those messages to be deleted?

  4. Avatar Mona says:

    Hello . Please help me . I deleted my account and re_actived it many time and Now I cannot active it , please help me. I REALLY need my telegram accout . What do I do?

  5. Avatar I shazia says:

    Same problem I want to reactivate my telegram but it’s coming as exceeded limit

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