Franz: Messenger for Telegram, Whatsapp and other IM services

Today we want to introduce Franz, free messaging application that combines multiple instant messaging services in one application. Collect over from similar applications like Trillian and Adium.

Currently supports:

Franz is very convenient to use because with the same application we control all our messaging without having to be changing tabs browser, desktop applications, etc.

It has comfortable tabs for each service we use. It uses the web interface messaging applications, but is so well integrated that it does not seem so, and that, that a priori can be a handicap, turns out to be one of its pluses because you haave the last version of the messaging applications without needing Franz developer.

franz messenger telegram whatsapp

The truth is that we were surprised we got going on a really smooth and fast application, it is a very good solution.

The bad news is that for the moment it is available only for OS X, but the developer said to release a Windows version in the future.


Franz has already launched a beta version for Windows and Linux.


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Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Groosha says:

    Source code? No source = no trust

  2. Avatar Majik says:

    Yet another app about to be shut down by Google for screen scraping Hangouts.

  3. Avatar Mathew Bovee says:

    In case you have any questions about Franz, feel free to ask. I am more than happy to answer all of them.

  4. Avatar Leon says:

    we control all your messaging…

  5. Avatar Shulem says:

    Stupid app. Offers nothing. This is nothing more than a controlled set of browser tabs and its primitive features.

  6. Avatar Ogit Mabrur says:

    Download page is offline, where i could download for linux?

  7. Avatar jayjaymartin says:

    hello, i wonder if you could help me, i have successfully download yappari on my nokia n900, but when i wanted to put the code, i asked to give me that code by a call, because it did not work by sms, i asked to call me but it answered me that the version of yappari is old, so please help me, how to download whatsapp or yappari on my nokia n900, with all thanks

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