Facebook launches Bots – Mark Zuckerberg announces Bots for Facebook messenger at F8

Today Mark Zuckerberg has announced something “revolutionary” in messaging at F8 Developer conference.
He has announced a new feature for Facebook Messenger: Bots.


That’s right, months ago Telegram launched its Bot platform, then different companies like Line or Skype, for example, decided to bet heavily on this tool as well.

So as said, facebook could not be less and today has announced that there will be an open API for third party developers, so they could implement their bots on this platform, Facebook messenger. So the new software tools will allow developers to create specialized bots for Messenger. These bots will enable Messenger users to interact with services that typically require a separate app.

Today starts a new era.

Zuckerberg said.




We will see how does this affect the market in general. On one hand, it is a good new for Telegram because people will learn more about bots and know of its existence (one of the main Telegram problems has been they didn’t explain well this tool to the people). But on the other hand, this may “steal” users to Telegram… we will look at the evolution of this.


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  1. Avatar Saeed says:

    Hello. is there any way to save all text-data from a telegram channel using a bot??

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