Android Challenge 2015 – Round 2

Results of the two round of the official Android Challenge in 2015, the contest is divided in three phases. This second round finished on October 2015, you can check our article of the round 1.
UPDATE: The contest is over, check the final results.


Pavel Durov posted the results of the Telegram Android TDLib Challenge:

  • First place

    Application: Challegram
    Dev: Vyacheslav Krylov.
    Prize: 13.000€ / 14.500$ (1.000.000 rubles).


  • Second places:

    Dev: Denis Olszyna.
    Prize: 3.900€ / 4.300$ (300.000 rubles).

    Dev: Gregory Klyushnikov.
    Prize: 3.900€ / 4.300$ (300.000 rubles).

  • Third places:

    Dev: Yuri Torkhov.
    Prize:1.300€ / 1.400$ (100.000 rubles).

    Telegram K
    Dev: Anatoly Korniltsev.
    Prize:1.300€ / (100.000 rubles).

    Telegram M Edition
    Dev: Andre Macareno.
    Prize:1.300€ / 1.400$ (100.000 rubles).

    Telegram Challenge
    Dev: Konstantin Tskhovrebov.
    Prize:1.300€ / 1.400$ (100.000 rubles).


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