Telegram’s Black market – Iranian websites are selling channel members

Several people from Iran told us that last night Telegram blocked many persian channels. Then we leave a list of some blocked channels:

@fap_lover | @hame_chize | @texet_lash | @hame_chize | @javanclip | @hott_love | @kerkereh | @maryami_love | @iranjoke | @chiizzmizz | @j0o0knc | @BFGF2 | @ifunofficial | @naarenji | @lovly_sogand | @delneveshte1224 | @Ezdevaj20 | @jookbahal | @drsayantel | @faazgham | @RAVANCOM | @DrSayanTEI | @zanashouyi | @Ravancom | @lovecom | @love_eshq | @one_model | @jookbahal
@acetxt | @Harfhayam | @namak_astan | @shekarestan1 | @comic_voice | @clip20m | @dokoli | @hott_love | @hese_royaei| @clip20e20 | @cafe_dausi | @golnar_18 | @vvipcom | @love_eshq | @one_model | @jookbahal | @acetxt | @foot_hall | @Jok_ax_clip | @lovecom | @comic_voice | @clip20m | @dokoli | @hott_love



There are various speculations about these last blockings. Some sources suggest that it is due to pornography reasons. Other sources point in another direction, a problem that is growing at a very fast pace: Fake users, currently being sold in Iran.

Websites dedicated to sell telegram users:

We can see the pricing as well:

Fake users Pricing

Fake Users Price
500 7$
1000 11.50$
2000 20$
5000 42$
10000 71$



Telegram is becoming a large social network and they will have to face the new problems that this entails. Telegram is handling millions of people and there is always people trying to make money fraudulently out of successful applications.

? P.S Remind that on April 11th we will have an interview with last Durov’s Contest winners. More information at @TGTalks

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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

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42 Responses

  1. Avatar h3iran says:

    “akharinkhabar” not sell fake member!

  2. Avatar jacki says:

    I shall have no channel fake
    And the subject was not porn
    I channel have been 170 thousand members
    After blocking 130 thousand
    The answer was a loss Who?
    This is not good

    my channel:

    I do not believe telegram sorry that value for admins

  3. Avatar zhilevan says:

    They are very smart :)))

  4. VivA IRaN ViVa :))
    Iranian Peapol Very SmaRT xD
    ViVa IraN VivA

  5. Avatar Iranian guy says:

    I’m Iranian and I have to say Iranian people suck !!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have no brain to be honest…

  6. I’m Iranian. Just I can say: Sorry! 🙁

  7. Avatar wc says:

    fuck off !!

  8. Avatar H4J says:

    =)) everyone Wants to be FAMOUS ! LMAO

  9. Avatar amir says:

    i’m so sorry about any comment of iranian
    iranian peoples arent bad but i’m sorry

  10. Hi.
    i’m so sorry about any comment of iranian…

  11. Avatar Mehran says:


    Hello, I forgot my password a second telegram, I’ve tried but I can not, please help me, very important not to lose e-sim account, I am from Iran, I have a channel called dominall decor, that I am working, please help me, you are the last I hope you are,
    User name
    Mehran dominall

  12. Avatar امین says:

    i’m so sorry about any comment of iranian…

  13. Avatar no name says:

    Telegram’s Black market just for any stupid people

  14. Avatar unkown says:

    im iranian and i have to say iranian people’s are out of brain , Especially authorities
    86milion of telegram server traffic from iran , what the fuck is wrong with us>???
    when authorities kill viber server in iran , and facebook or … are under filter , we have no choice , sorry for my bad english.

  15. Avatar Roohani says:


  16. Avatar Persian Boy says:

    Do you want a music For cry? Do you Want a music For dance? So I think Its better for you That Join Here

  17. Avatar Chollos says:

    Usually seen on Telegram

  18. Avatar Sa says:

    @futbolmedia join us channel for live soccer videos

  19. Avatar مینا says:

    salam channel mano joine kon, bara tabadol

  20. Avatar Seyed says:

    Hamalaye koskesh umadin backling jam konin masalan? ?? chera guretuno az net gom nemikonin amatoraye kiri. Berin dast az sar net bardarin baba gaiidin omre maro ba un wordpressetun

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