Contacting Telegram Support


In-App Chat

In the official Telegram apps, go to Settings → Ask a question. Depending on your registered phone number, you will be redirected to your local support team. Please note: If you save the number as a contact, your phone number is shared with the volunteers. An alternative is to contact your local support team and then ask them to send you the contact card. This way your number remains hidden.

Please note that Telegram support is done by volunteers.

Telegram Support

Support Number Country/Area
+424 00 All other countries; EN support only
+424 10 North America
+424 31 Netherlands
+424 34 Spain
+424 39 Italy
+424 50 Latin America
+424 52 Mexico
+424 55 Brazil
+424 60 Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
+424 70 Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
+424 82 Korea
+424 90 India
+424 96 Saudi Arabia (Bot)
+424 97 Other Arabic Countries (Bot)
+424 98 Iran (Bot)
@BotSupport Official Bot support team

Web Form

If you can’t log in to your account, please use this form: Be sure to describe the issue as detailed as possible and enter the correct mail address and phone number which you used to create an account.


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28 Responses

  1. Marya says:

    Hi how clear history in super group?

  2. h65 says:

    hello.i forgot cloud password telegram

  3. charles says:

    Please is it possible to get statistics for uptake in monthly active users particular in the West-African sub-region

  4. dave subodhchamdra t says:

    I want carrection in naem slpeling

  5. Mobazi says:

    please let me know how can I register my own BOT in the telegram BOT list.

  6. Mobazi says:

    please let me know how can I register my own BOT in the telegram BOT list.

  7. Lab says:

    Telegram is been hacked how to deal with the problem the hacker is threatening the list of my friends

  8. nasi says:

    my number is flood

  9. mahshad says:

    Please tell me that how can i make a public chanel to a private chanel?
    It is necessary for me
    so please help me ASAP??

  10. ali amini says:

    phone password flood

    what is this error in registration

  11. gloria m says:

    I ve forgteen my passcode

  12. ali rajabi says:

    how to change private channel to public ,i dont change channel pleaze help me


    what is phone_Password_Flood error message?

  14. Salma says:

    Yeah I’m looking to find out what this error means!! Phone-password-flood

  15. Reham says:

    Please I need the code to open my account

  16. Mohammad says:

    Dear Telegram
    I lost My Channel
    Yesterday i delet my telegram account in your site and when i connect again , i can\’t access in my channel admin .
    my user name :
    My Channel is:
    I have a 730 member
    Please check

  17. Mona says:

    Hello. I want to active my telegram account but I cannot. Please help me . I really need my telegram account. What do I do ? Please help me. ?

  18. tayseer says:

    I can’t register to telegram
    Every time I enter my number it didn’t send me the code

  19. Mah says:

    I cant remember my password

  20. Mah says:

    I cant remind my password

  21. Amin says:

    Hey guys, some body using my picture and texting people, how can I report that
    Please help me

  22. Masoud says:

    Now I can not account Register your heart

  23. shaheer ahmad sher says:

    I can’t remember my two step verification password, pls help me

  24. homa says:

    if the profile pictures were visible only to those we want,it would be muchhh better…will this be in next versions???

  25. Javad says:


    I got a question
    If the numbers of blocking accounts in telegram are more than 200 what would happen?

    And with how much block you can delet an account?
    For example 200 people blocked an account what would happen to that?
    Tanks for answering:)

  26. maysam says:

    Hi i cant get my account this error: To many attempts

  27. sam says:

    Anyone plz help me , I lost my channel previlage ,

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