Telegram denies storing data at Iran


Yesterday some rumors on the internet were saying that 30% of Telegram data is hosted in Iran, the rumor source is a tweet from the journalist Omid Memarian (@Omid_M), refering to “Iran’s ranking Cyberspace“.

In reaction to this, Telegram officially confirmed on twitter that they don’t have any servers in Iran and they are not going to get any.
Additionally, they confirmed all the Telegram users data for Iranian users is hosted in Amsterdam.


Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, also joined the conversation and confirmed that Telegram has not entered any agreements with any government and they have no plans to.


We have been investigating some information related to Iran and Telegram, and the only thing that is true is that porn bots in Iran are being blocked due to governamental restrictions, not to Telegram restrictions.


Andrew Neiman

Andrew Neiman

Journalist specialized in technology and open source, entrepreneur, freelance writer and editor.

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