TDesktop Plus – Unofficial Telegram Messenger

TDesktop Plus, a fork from the tdesktop project (official Telegram client for desktop platforms). TDesktop Plus is developed by Viktor Oreshkin (@stek29), follow his channel to get the latest updates and news: @TDesktopPlus.



Please notice that this is an alpha version, install it at your own risk.


  • Hide pinned messages.
  • Option to Open/Hide Emoji Panel with Tab key
  • “Delete” button for installed sticker packs
  • Opening sticker packs while reorganizing list
  • Customize your bio.




  • Tabs.
  • Themes.
  • 40 small features taken from github issues on telegramdesktop/tdesktop




The source code is published under GPLv3 (excepting OpenSSL).


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Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso

Engineer, developer, open source enthusiast, passionate for technology. Consultant and researcher in robotics and automation.

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar ER says:

    hi. I get this error when I want to enter my phone number:

  2. Avatar tdprivacy says:

    are there any plan for hiding seen checkmarks & hiding online status in tdplus?!

    • Avatar stek29 says:

      Hiding “seen checkmarks” is possible, but “online status” isn’t
      If you send a message, your last seen is automatically updated. So it’s possible to stay invisible only if you just read

      I may add that one day, but it’s low priority

  3. Avatar vahid says:

    None of these features work!

  4. Avatar yaserazadvar says:

    Do you plan universal version?

  5. Avatar Mr A.Mo says:

    ==> Tabs.
    ==> Themes.
    ==> 40 small features taken from github issues on telegramdesktop/tdesktop
    I really can not wait for this excellent features.

  6. Avatar Behzad B says:

    GitHub repository link is broken!

  7. Avatar Rahmatillo says:


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